Home elevators The different Meals Offered by A Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a sequence of fast food joints that has prided itself on great Mexican food and very quick service. This joint was started in Irving, California in the United States of America. Its popularity grew so substantially that suddenly little franchises of Taco Bell started checking in cities all over California and soon all around the west coast. As its popularity spread and the chain went national. Today you can find nearly 5,800 restaurants in the United States alone. It popularity also spread around the globe and you can find Taco Bells in countries like Australia, Greece, China, Cyprus, Iceland, India and Mexico as well as other countries like Philippines and Poland.

The main type of food offered at these restaurants is prepared in the Mexican style that is slightly adapted to accommodate the palates of the American public. Its most famous dishes are tacos and burritos. There are 14 different tacos on the menu each having its own unique style and stuffing. Traditionally the tacos are produced from corn shells and here in this restaurant things are no different. There are tacos that can be ordered in a crunchy corn shell or in a smooth flour tortilla depending on everything you choose. Most of the tacos are full of ground beef that is cooked in spices, fresh vegetables like ripe tomatoes and lettuce and drizzled in special sauces that complement the stuffing. Each one of these is topped off with cheese taco bell franchising. For anyone individuals who have gone the vegetarian route you can order the Crispy Potato Soft Taco that is full of crispy potato bites in place of meat and another stuffing may be the same. Another specialty taco may be the Volcano Taco that is served in a unique red corn shell and topped off with a unique molten lava sauce. This particular taco is quite spicy and should only be tried by those who are brave of heart.

The other favorite may be the burrito. There are 16 burritos as you are able to choose from. The thing common in all these burritos is the truth that they are all wrapped in soft flour tortillas and are full of spiced rice and beans in addition to the other stuffing. Each burrito includes a different number of meats which have been prepared in their particular special way. This really is included with the standard stuffing with vegetables and a sour cream sauce and topped off with cheese. The sour cream sauce is reduced fat and the cheese is not too much, also the fresh veggies get this to a healthy meal as well as a tasty meal.

Apart from the burritos the Taco Bell Menu also has several specialty dishes like Gorditas and Chalupas. Gorditas are much like the tacos but are served in soft flat bread as opposed to the corn shells. The chalupas are again taco type dishes served in chalupa shells in place of corn ones. You may also pick from a selection of salads which are served in a crispy tortilla shell. The menu also offers a number of beverages and specialty fruit based drinks.

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